Trademark Transfer Agreement Template

This document can be used to transfer ownership of an existing trademark or if an individual wishes to transfer an existing trademark to it, as long as the owner consents. It should be used if both parties understand that the mark is fully awarded (in other words, it is not a license, as mentioned above, and no royalty will be payable after the assignment) and want to establish a registration of their contract. If the trademark is registered nationally, note the change of ownership at the USPTO Assignment Recordation Branch. A $40 fee is required to register an assignment based on the USPTO pricing plan. The USPTO Recordation Form cover sheet for brands is highly recommended when submitting your brand. Other issues regarding the registration of a trademark assignment to the USPTO can be resolved by their frequent ownership/assignment transfer. The document must be signed by both the agent and the agent. Signatures must be authenticated and authenticated by a certified notary in order to make the trademark transfer contract a legally binding agreement. This is especially necessary if you intend to take your brand and register it worldwide after purchase. These models of trademark divestiture agreements should also include the brand itself. This should describe the word, symbol, expression or design, which is legally recognized as a trademark. This description should include the trademark number that was officially assigned when the trademark was registered with the U.S.

Patent and Trademark Office. Trademark assignments allow the brand to be simply transferred. They contain all the information necessary to register the task with the United States Patent Office (USPTO). Registration with the USPTO is necessary for all trademarks that are transferred, and this is a good way to make sure that everything goes smoothly with the assignment. A trademark agreement is a written document that conveys a legally recognized word, expression, symbol and/or design (the “brand”) from the current owner (the “delegated”) to the future owner (the “agent”). There are a few types of brands that can be transferred. At the federal level, a federally registered trademark uses a symbol to mark the mark. These are usually displayed with a ® or an (R).