Wisconsin Vehicle Use Agreement

The above guidelines also apply to the use of passenger and rental vehicles during their professional use. The operation of these vehicles outside the above parameters would be considered personal use and, therefore, the excessive coverage of automobile liability of the WI Self-Funded Liability Program is not extended in these situations. Drivers must not use a state or fleet vehicle for personal use. The only exceptions to this rule are secondary. For example, stops at a restaurant for a meal, an automatic automatic carmate (ATM) or a financial facility, urgent care or emergency emergencies, a gas station or a supermarket. As a general rule, only employees, agents and students can drive in vehicles owned by the university/state. Exceptions to this rule occur when transportation is necessary or convenient for people directly involved in academic affairs. Passengers who are not staff, students or agents must obtain permission from the Office of Risk Management. Complete the new fleet driver: Vehicle Use Contract, sometimes called VUA Access of the Vehicle Use Agreement All applicable road rules must be respected at all times for any professional activity of the university.

You can find advice on passenger surcharges in all vehicle situations in the table in Section 6 C, last line, of the UW Directive on Systems Management 615, Vehicle Use and Driver Registration. Drivers who must spend the night from home may, with the permission of their supervisor, use a state vehicle for the type of activity required that a home traveller would expect. Examples are the use of evenings to go to a pharmacy, grocery store, laundromat, fitness center, or other places to buy goods or do activities necessary for the health and well-being of staff. See 314 Vehicle Use and Leasing Directive for Travel and the Need for Driver Authorization. Individuals must have the right to drive reserve vehicles, be compensated for personal commercial miles and rent a vehicle by external suppliers for the university business.