Capistrano Continues With Help From Setfire Developer


We’re proud to announce that as of today one of our developers, Lee Hambley has taken over maintenance of For many people involved in Ruby on Rails development, Capistrano is a vital tool, making the whole process of maintaining production environments that much simpler, by automating and combining many of the more laborious and repetitive tasks involved.

Having been an active member of the user group for sometime, when Lee heard the sad news that original developer Jamis Buck had to give up maintenance of the project, he offered to take it on.

I’m really excited about working with the other contributors to maintain and improve Capistrano and it’s documentation, watching the project gain speed now the code is a little bit more free is going to be awesome. – Lee

He will be hosting and maintaining the site, as well as consolidating and hopefully coordinating new developments to the gem when a new code maintainer is selected. Find out more about Capistrano by visiting, or the Capistrano google group.


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