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8 Things Web Designers Really Need to Know About Moving From MS Windows to Mac OS X

Having just made the jump from Windows PC to Mac, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my findings from the other side.


A basic one, but well worth mentioning – as well as the usual screen shot familiar to windows users, there’s also the option to select a portion of the screen with your mouse cursor. To capture a portion of the screen, just press cmd+shift+4. You’ll get a crosshair that you can drag and click with to select a rectangle. This is then saved as a file. To save to the clipboard, just use ctrl+shift+cmd+4.

Remote viewer

Something slightly less well known about Leopard is that it has a good VNC client built in.

  • Go to finder, press cmd+k and you’ll get the connect to server window.
  • Type in vnc:// followed by the ip address of the desktop you’re trying to connect to, then press connect.
  • I use this when we’re testing something in Browsercam, as it’s much better than the Java VNC client they provide.

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