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Finesse Not Features is What Makes the iPhone Great

Learning lessons about the importance of UI from the iPhone

Having seen a LOT of buzz over on Twitter and Friendfeed about the forthcoming N97, I feel compelled somewhat to make a point about this subject, especially as everyone seems to be missing the point badly. I should admit now that I haven’t used an N97, but then neither it seems has anyone else apart from Robert Scoble, so I feel as well placed as anyone to comment.

Killer or Filler?

The label ‘iPhone killer’ has become so hackneyed now I’m not sure anyone believes it when it’s applied to a new product, but yet again we see it slapped onto another touch screen wannabe. There’s already a lot of positive hype about this product, which I’m sure will be fairly slick in many ways, Nokia do design some great phones. However, I remain skeptical about the ability of Nokia or Symbian to turn out an OS experience as compelling and slick as the iPhone.
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How to fix image uploads in WordPress with Flash 10

Those of you who use WordPress on your own websites will likely encounter this problem pretty soon.

Installing the latest Flash version 10 will disable the ability of any web platform that uses the SWFUpload library due to security reasons. To put this into context it will cripple the upload ability of WordPress, Flickr, Yahoo, zooomr – along with many more services I’m not aware of.

uploading images in wordpress

In WordPress you click you Add media > Add an Image, and from there click on Choose Files to Upload, only for nothing to happen.

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18 Simple Tweaks To Get More Clicks From Your Organic Rankings


How To Create The Perfect Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

If you’ve been working in search optimisation for any length of time you’ll have heard how important it is to properly optimise your page title tag. Chances are you’ll also have heard that the meta description is also important, but on a lesser scale.

I agree wholeheartedly: getting your onpage SEO dialed in is critical. It’s much easier to rank a site that ticks all the onpage boxes, but that’s not to say it is impossible to rank a poorly optimised site through sheer brute force. However, I would rather make a job easier in the long run and so before I start trying to build links into a site I like to get the basics sorted.

Getting your titles and meta descriptions done properly is a painstaking and at times arduous task, which is something I can attest to. However, when you see the fruits of your labour, ie. ranking higher, then it can actually be a rewarding endeavour. So here we are: 18 tips to help you optimise your page title and meta description.

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Rails: ‘Has_many through’ Association Across Databases

So recently I had the challenge of creating a ‘has_many through’ relationship across two databases.

“Why would you do this?” you may ask. Well quite simply I am in a team building a new data management system to sit on top of a legacy system with its legacy database. All the new code is new, shiny and streamlined and the old code is… well… crap but we have to keep both systems running concurrently so we have various tables in the legacy database we need to access from the new system. As it happens we need to access the legacy users table in a ‘has_many through’ from the new ‘orders’ table.
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Wear it Pink

Wear it pinkFriday 31st October… mark that date in your diary, preferably with pink high-lighter, because it’s the 2008 Wear it Pink day organised by Breast Cancer Campaign, the funding body that supports national research into breast cancer.

We’ll be doing our bit here at Setfire to raise a few quid, although some of us may need to search hard for something pink to wear. Hopefully we can get some photos posted!

How Friendly Will a URL Ever Be?

I’m an address bar guy; I don’t use bookmarks and barely use a link toolbar. And somedays, my typing could be better – if/when the new gTLDs come in, the owners of ‘facebook.comk’ and ‘google.comk’ will get a good 50% of my surfing time and a catch-all on ‘setfiremedia.comk’ would receive all of my internal emails. I’m just as bad with .co.uk – the amount of traffic I send to ‘news.bbc.co.il’ and ‘news.bbc.co.yj’ is shocking.

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Developers required in Manchester – PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS and Javascript skills desirable

Things are going great here at Setfire Media, we’re super busy, on some great client and in-house projects. So busy in fact that we could do with a few more helping hands.

What are we looking for:

The ideal candidate will have enthusiasm for web development and open source software; as well as having experience of using web based technologies such as PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Ideally you will be educated to degree level, comfortable working on a Linux based platform and be able to provide a portfolio of previous websites you have developed. Experience developing ecommerce websites is desirable.

What we offer:

We offer you a place to learn from others and establish yourself as the best in your industry. By delighting our clients we have nurtured an established, and growing client base providing excellent job security.
This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is looking to work in an innovative, established and growing company. We offer our employees a comfortable working environment (you can leave the suit and tie at home) and flexible working hours.

Salary: £negotiable + pension + profit based bonus + free parking

Interviews are ongoing, so when you get in touch, we’ll arrange one at the earliest opportunity that suits you.

On the Beach Holidays Win a Hitwise Top 10 Award!

We’re incredibly proud to announce that On the Beach Holidays, one of our clients, has just achieved a Hitwise Top 10 Award!

Hitwise Top 10 Awards

The Hitwise Top 10 Award recognises websites from over 160 industries that are leaders in their industry and brings with it the benefit of using the Hitwise Top 10 Award shield.

The award is based on market share of visits among all UK websites in the Hitwise Travel: Agencies industry. It’s a fantastic achievement for them, and of course us as their development, hosting and search marketing company. Well done to everyone involved!