Wear it Pink

Wear it pinkFriday 31st October… mark that date in your diary, preferably with pink high-lighter, because it’s the 2008 Wear it Pink day organised by Breast Cancer Campaign, the funding body that supports national research into breast cancer.

We’ll be doing our bit here at Setfire to raise a few quid, although some of us may need to search hard for something pink to wear. Hopefully we can get some photos posted!

Avoid Growing Pains: 15 Tips to Properly Setup Your Own Hosting Racks

Server With CablesWhen you get successful, you may find that you move from someone else looking after your hosting, to running a complete rack (or racks) yourself. Standing with that shiny new rack towering over you, there seems so much space and flexibility, and anything not quite right now can be fixed later, right?

Correcting a bad installation will be extremely difficult, disruptive, or just impossible to do once you are up and running. Follow these tips in planning your rack before the first piece of equipment goes in and you will save not only time later, but you will be thanking me when the sh*t hits the fan.

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How Friendly Will a URL Ever Be?

I’m an address bar guy; I don’t use bookmarks and barely use a link toolbar. And somedays, my typing could be better – if/when the new gTLDs come in, the owners of ‘facebook.comk’ and ‘google.comk’ will get a good 50% of my surfing time and a catch-all on ‘setfiremedia.comk’ would receive all of my internal emails. I’m just as bad with .co.uk – the amount of traffic I send to ‘news.bbc.co.il’ and ‘news.bbc.co.yj’ is shocking.

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7 Reasons Why Guest Posting is Integral to Any Linkbuilding Campaign

Chain LinksThere are many ways to build backlinks, out of which, the most prominent & beneficial way, which one can actualise, would be to buy quality backlink. There are many ways to waste your time building backlinks too. Anyone who has ever been involved with a prolonged linkbuilding campaign will tell you that it’s hardly the most glamorous of jobs, nor is it particularly inspirational. Days go by in a blur of emails and weeks tend to endlessly slide by in a blaze of IM chats, forum PMs and phone calls. All this and it can still take months before the fruits of your labour are manifested in better organic rankings.

Let it be known: building links is not easy. Therefore, it makes sense to invest your time and effort in something that just works. And for me, that means guest posting.

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PPC Optimisation: 5 Ways To Track Phone Sales From PPC / AdWords

Old TelephoneHow do you measure the true return on PPC ad spend when phone leads or phone sales are not being taken into account?

If we take a typical e-commerce store as an example, up to 35% of sales can be taken over the telephone. Accurately attributing these sales can make a big difference to how you optimise your PPC campaigns, and have an effect on the overall ROI from paid search marketing. See https://www.fixnowmedia.com/seo-services-malta/ for more marketing tactics!

Most web analytics solutions do a great job of tracking where sales come from, be it from organic search traffic, direct type-in traffic or PPC traffic. However, the source of telephone orders is one area that site owners often choose to ignore because it’s difficult to track.

Here’s a few ways to track PPC traffic that generates orders over the phone.

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How To Linkbait E-commerce Stores: 15 Tips For Success!


Linkbait HookI’ve seen all manner of overtly commercial sites trying their luck with linkbait, only for it to flop. You see, linkbaiting your e-commerce store is a difficult thing to do and unless you have built your brand from the ground up to infiltrate integrate on social media sites, successful linkbait and the bounty of oneway goodies it affords may continue to be nothing more than a dream.

I suppose in one way it is our own fault for perpetuating this fallacy of marketing. Reading through the plethora of posts about linkbait makes this particular technique seem like some crazy next-generational solution to marketing any site. The reality is, however, very different. You’ve got to work incredibly hard to make linkbait on a commercial store work and be prepared to sustain your efforts even though many of your baits get no traction and go precisely nowhere.

There’s little doubt in my mind that Digg et al have moderators and systems in place to identify commercially motivated linkbait, and even if they don’t, the community itself definitely doesn’t want to see our ‘spam’. The good old days of pushing ’10 Cooking Tips From Holywood’s Hottest Celebs’ to help promote some recipe book store are long gone.

Don’t get me wrong: linkbait is here to stay, but we must progress. The broader SEO community may have only recently caught on and crowned linkbait as the white-hatted linkbuilding prince, but we’re only getting started down the road of punchy titles, angles and hooks compared to our friends in the traditional mainstream media.

So if you are responsible for marketing an e-commerce store and want to try linkbait, be prepared to work harder than you have before to create unique, interesting, timely and resourceful content that real people actually care about and want to read.

Here at Setfire Media we specialise in building online stores. So as ‘Head of Search’ I’ve been in the trenches for long enough to hone the process of linkbaiting an e-commerce store and can say with surety that there are things you can do to help improve your success rate on social media sites – a checklist if you will.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that you can apply and hopefully find more success.

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9 Tips to Help Your Website Cope With Huge Traffic Spikes

There are times when your website might experience short periods of very high traffic. This could be the result of TV exposure, or your linkbait just hit the front page of Digg. The worst thing that can happen at this point is that your site can’t cope – this becomes a huge missed opportunity.

Here are some tips to help you plan to stay online and available.

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Email Marketing: 15 Essential Tips for Increasing Sign-ups to Your Mailing List

Email marketing to a subscribed list gives businesses a fantastic return on web marketing spend. A quality email list partnered with a targeted, well written email can out perform SEO, PPC and just about any other marketing activity every time.

The key to successful email marketing is building up your list of newsletter recipients. The equation is simple, the more people you email the more sales, and response you’re going to get. Every subscriber counts, and if you’ve got your analytics rockin’, and measure the sales you get from email marketing, you can attribute a per subscriber value to your list.

Here are 15 ways you can increase the number of people signing up to your mailing list:

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Social Media Epic Fail: How to Build Links to Linkbaits That Don’t Go Viral

Epic Fail

Linkbait is widely regarded by many SEOs as the premier weapon in their quiver of marketing and promotional tools, and justifiably so. When linkbait is successful it can be incredibly powerful, driving an initial spike in (arguably entirely useless) traffic and links, followed by a long and steady stream of backlinks.

That’s the best case scenario. But what happens when your linkbait just doesn’t cut it? Digg, which is the granddaddy of social media sites, is where most linkbait gets peddled. Digg is also subject to random system maintenance and drastic algorithmic changes. Other popular social media sites such as Reddit and StumbleUpon can also be hit and miss: what works one day might have no hope the next.

Of course, it isn’t all dependent on where you distribute your linkbait. It may well be the case that your ‘101 Reasons For Choosing Acme Exhaust Manifolds’ just doesn’t appeal to the crowd and is destined to fail, even if it does get 275 diggs and all manner of thumbs up.

So what if this is where you find yourself? What should you do if your linkbait, on which your client has spent good money and you’ve invested copious amounts of time, goes nowhere? Well, for what it’s worth, here’s what I would do.

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Developers required in Manchester – PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS and Javascript skills desirable

Things are going great here at Setfire Media, we’re super busy, on some great client and in-house projects. So busy in fact that we could do with a few more helping hands.

What are we looking for:

The ideal candidate will have enthusiasm for web development and open source software; as well as having experience of using web based technologies such as PHP, Perl, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Ideally you will be educated to degree level, comfortable working on a Linux based platform and be able to provide a portfolio of previous websites you have developed. Experience developing ecommerce websites is desirable.

What we offer:

We offer you a place to learn from others and establish yourself as the best in your industry. By delighting our clients we have nurtured an established, and growing client base providing excellent job security.
This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is looking to work in an innovative, established and growing company. We offer our employees a comfortable working environment (you can leave the suit and tie at home) and flexible working hours.

Salary: £negotiable + pension + profit based bonus + free parking

Interviews are ongoing, so when you get in touch, we’ll arrange one at the earliest opportunity that suits you.